Progress Update 1

This week it’s time to write another Progress Update.  In the last one I did, my Progress Report, I discussed daily word count goals and their importance.  In this Progress Update, I am going to add a correction to that discussion.

Since I’ve been writing my third book, I’ve realized how difficult it is to switch writing genres when you’ve spent years writing in a single one.  And how writing projects always vary in intensity and difficulty.

So, based on that, here’s my correction.  Well, not a correction exactly, more like an update based on what I’ve learned since.

Word count goals change based on the project.  This may sound obvious, so let me explain.

Last time, when I discussed what I’d learned about daily word counts, my writing was going smoothly.  I had found what worked for me.  At least… for the project I was working on.  I thought that each person had a hotspot between inspiration and burnout.  That if there was a day where I struggled more than others, I should push through and make the word count anyway.

And that was true.  To an extent.

What I’ve learned from writing this third book is that every project has a different level of inspiration.  Some projects excite me more than others.

This taught me that hotspot word counts don’t come from the person only, they are the result of the person and the project together.

With my third book, I feel lucky to get 500 words out in a day.  And that’s ok.  It’s more difficult, it takes me more time, effort, and careful planning.  But at the beginning, I was frustrated with myself for struggling so hard to meet my hotspot count of 2k.  Figuring out why that was happening and learning to accept it was the biggest thing I dealt with this month.

I wasn’t quite sure if I would talk about this for the Progress Update.  Somewhere deep inside me, I think I still view it as a shortcoming of mine.  But in a larger sense, that’s what these Progress Updates are for.  To document my thoughts, my frustrations, and the things I learn along the way.  To share my writing process as it happens.

So this is one of the things I have learned.  Hotspot word counts can change.  Hotspot word counts should change, based on the project.

Hopefully this is encouraging to any of you who are struggling with something similar, maybe feeling discouraged at a sudden difficulty.  It is ok for your daily word count goal to fall.

But don’t let this become an excuse to write less than you know you can.  You must still be writing steadily, working to push through the obstacle or the project as a whole.

Be sure to discuss your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Happy Writing!



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